Cost breakdown

How we raise money for Stigma86.

CONVERSATIONS Grapefruit & Rosemary (Ready to Drink; Non-Alcoholic Drink – 473mL)

$7.50 – Price paid per can by the Pledge Partners

$0.60 – Deposit, GST, AGLC Markup

$2.08 – Production and Overhead Costs*

$4.81 – Revenue generated per can sold for the Stigma 86 cause

Batch Production and Total Revenue Goal

6084 cans of Ready to Drink produced (September 2021)

2028 cans of Non-Alcoholic produced (September 2021)

8112 cans total = 338 flats of 473mL cans

For sale in October 2021 -- $39,000 goal for sales of 338 flats of Grapefruit & Rosemary

*Includes materials and labour. We were able to keep our costs low due to the tremendous generosity of our partners in this endeavour. Please support these folks, or just say thank you for helping get this cause underway. We would not be here without the kindness and effort from each and every one of them.

Total Revenue Goal


Help us wipe away the stigma.

Stigma 86 is an initiative that brings attention to mental health and wellness in the hospitality and craft producers industry.
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