Pledge Partners

Mental health is a priority and something that needs to be addressed. The hospitality industry operates in a faced paced environment filled with long nights and high stress situations. COVID-19 has brought many challenges to our industry and the uncertainty of closures and future restrictions on our operations has presented our industry with tremendous stress. We have seen in ourselves and in our teams that our mental health has been greatly impacted over these past eighteen months. Stigma 86 aims to support the needs of our teams and amplify the conversation around mental health with the ultimate goal of making the hospitality industry a leader in building safe environments for our teams.

These Partners have pledged to amplify the conversation around mental health

This is their pledge:

1. Post mental health supports information packages from Stigma 86 in their business and open up internal conversations with their teams to address mental health in the workplace.

2. Create a open conversation around mental health and help team members to connect with support if/ when needed

3. Commit to buying two flats of The initial CONVERSATIONS SERIES RTD by Blindman Brewing. This packaged product will be sold to the pledge partners at $180/flat with 100% of all proceeds after production costs going to Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation.

4. Share our own pledge partner story about how we are promoting mental wellness in our business.

Want to take the pledge?

Stigma 86 is an initiative that brings attention to mental health and wellness in the hospitality and craft producers industry.
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