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Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642

Addiction Helpline: 1-866-332-2322

CMHA Central Alberta has been in Red Deer for over 55 years, supporting the mental health needs of Central Albertans in any way that we can. We do this by providing non-judgmental and respectful support and encouragement to everyone who comes through our doors. Mental health is always an important issue for all of us, but this past year has really pushed all of our mental health to the limits. People who have never struggled with their mental health before have reached out this year, and those with ongoing needs have had even more pressure put on them. The Canadian Mental Health Association is a charitable organization and, locally, we provide many services to support people in living their best lives. Whether it’s through a crisis counselor that you can call without an appointment or a systems navigator to help fill out forms and make phone calls, to educational programs that teach skills to use in your daily life, we try to make sure that there is always a program that can help you no matter what you are going through.

Smiles Thru Lindsay

Providing mental health awareness and education through school programs, public speeches, and fundraising events.
Lindsey More was a beautiful person inside and out. Her contagious laugh, charming and outgoing personality, big heart , and warm smile hid something 1 in 5 Canadians battle within any given year - mental illness.*

September 20th, 2015 was a day that forever changed the lives of those close to Lindsey. After battling with depression from her late teen years Lindsey took her own life. It was a shock to everyone, especially to those who did not know that she was fighting with this illness, even some of those who knew did not understand as she did not fit the description of what we are told someone with depression should have. Anyone who knew Lindsey knew her as someone who would do anything to make sure everyone was happy and not alone and their memories of her are full of love, laughter and adventure. Humour and passion for helping others hid the sadness that eventually took over her mind.

Before Lindsey's passing she had spoken to her parents about what she was going through, they did everything they could with what they
knew so they could get Lindsey help, but for her it was a frustrating process especially when it came to the financial side of it. While mental illness accounts for more than 10% of the burden of disease in Canada, it receives just 7% of health care dollars and almost a third of Canadians who seek mental health care report that their needs are unmet or partially met. The rate is even higher for children and youth.*

After the sudden passing of a friend who also took his life a year before, Lindsey was determined to make a change. She had discussed with her Dad, Rick, to start a foundation that would raise money to help children, teens and young adults who are fighting mental illness but do not have the financial support to get the proper help needed. Unfortunately Lindsey did not live to see her foundation come to life, but her love for helping others will continue even though she is not with us.

Just weeks after losing Lindsey, her parents made a promise to make Lindsey's dream of helping others fight this illness come true and with the help of many others they started the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation.

The Outreach Centre

Supporting individuals and families in their pursuit of healthy relationships, mental health wellbeing; housing stability and self-sufficiency.

The Outreach Centre is a non-profit agency that supports individuals and families in pursuit of healthy relationships, suicide prevention & mental health well-being, housing stability and self-sufficiency since 1984. More specifically, we help individuals and families gain access to resources, education, and programming to help with their pursuit and choice to be healthier or the opportunity to benefit to a higher quality of life.  The Outreach Centre delivers over 35 programs in communities throughout central Alberta.

Examples of the services we provide could be helping remove families from domestic violence, supporting youth and families with suicide prevention and mental health well-being, youth at risk, or delivering a school based education program directly to over 7000 youth geared to mental health awareness and prevention of suicide. We like to think the services, education, and resources we offer give “Hope for All”.

The Outreach Centre is Central Alberta Outreach Centre Society and Suicide Information and Education Services. The two agencies co-located in 2012 to our current facility. In 2020, we fully merged to under the Outreach Centre banner to optimize our shared expertise, board and resources. 

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Well-being

Suicide can be prevented and the best first step in preventing suicide is talking about it in an informed way, providing resources and programs that promote healthy living. The Outreach Centre team provides:

  • Outreach supports and mental health counselling
  • Resources and referrals
  • Grief Recovery Method program – an action program for moving beyond loss and offered by a support group setting or one on one.
  • Living beyond suicide loss support groups
  • K-12 School aged education programs
  • Online educational courses & in person workshops

Your support from the event will go towards this pillar of service delivering the necessary support, resources, and education for people needing hope. Your donation has a direct impact. Together we can give Hope for All.

Stigma 86 is an initiative that brings attention to mental health and wellness in the hospitality and craft producers industry.
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